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As the sole Dustcontrol distributor in Malaysia, you can be assured that our variety of quality dust control product will be suitable for all your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of products that comprise of both portable and stationary dust extractor solutions, as well as miscellaneous add-ons such as peripheral equipment and accessories.



Dustcontrol has a long history, having first been founded in 1972 in Sweden with the aim of creating a one-stop extraction system to efficiently and effectively capture and eliminate dust from the air. The systematic filtration of dust particles and other air pollutants for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes proved to be an unparalleled success. Today, Dustcontrol is one of the premier brands of dust extractors, and has evolved into a manufacturing giant that specialises in supplying custom made dust control solutions.



Incorporating the latest technology into its products, Dustcontrol offers its products to companies all over the world to help them maintain the air quality in theirs workspaces or production facilities. All systems and products are durable and built to last, with heavy investments targeting improvements in technical development as well as production processes. In addition, Dustcontrol products are known for their reliability in operation, ensuring that your investment will pay for itself over time.

Dustcontrol possesses the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, as well as the highest possible AAA credit rating, highlighting the quality and reliability of its product range.

Environmental concerns


The environment tends to suffer the most in the industrial line, with dust and other waste products and contaminants polluting the air surrounding offices and factories. Without due care, pollution can become rampant and spiral out of control. To combat this risk, Dustcontrol is committed to ensuring minimal impact to the surrounding environment by adhering to all international standards and laws.

In addition, Dustcontrol products separate waste into its respective categories, minimising the overall quantity to be disposed of as well as seeking to manufacture and improve systems to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The usage of chemicals is minimised where possible, and substituted for alternatives that do not affect the environment.

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