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Oertzen products are highly regarded in the industry and focus on the advancement of water jetting technology for commercial and industrial purposes. As an authorised Oertzen distributor for Malaysia, Städa carries the full range of high pressure cleaners as well as peripherals and accessories in order to customise products to meet your needs and requirements.

About Oertzen


Originating in Ammersbek, Germany, Oertzen products embody the best of German craftsmanship and efficiency, making it a market leader in the cleaning equipment industry today. Using only the highest quality materials, Oertzen-manufactured equipment is built to last and can be operated and function around the clock.

Surpassing all industry standards of efficiency and productivity, Oertzen seeks to push the limits in order to provide cost-effective machines that still operate at a high level. High pressure cleaners, floor scrubbers and sweepers, and wet and dry vacuums are just some of the cleaning machines offered by them, ensuring that all cleaning needs can be met. Whether you run an office or factory, OERTZEN products will be a valuable asset to ensure your workplace remains clean.


With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Oertzen continues to persist in the areas of research and development in order to create new products to keep up with the changing times and markets. Being one of the top brands globally, Oertzen continually aims to tailor solutions to specific markets abroad in order to stay ahead of the curve and to maintain its position as a pioneer in the cleaning industry.

Custom-made equipment


Oertzen machines can be used for a variety of purposes in both commercial and industrial sectors, but sometimes the design is just not up to the task you need it for. Perhaps you just need an extra feature or two – maybe a high pressure cleaner that use a diesel engine to power it up instead of an electrical motor?

Oertzen specialises in customising equipment in order to suit consumer needs. Understanding that the market variables in each country differs accordingly, custom-made machines can be requested and built to order. Oertzen aims to solve your problems as best as they can; all you need to do is enquire.

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