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Floor Burnishers

Floor burnishers are similar in nature to floor scrubbers and polishers in that they help to clean medium to large sized surface areas quickly and efficiently. The key difference is its rotating head which operates between 450-1,500 RPM and is attached to a round pad specifically designed for burnishing floors. This spins in a single direction and helps to shine hard floor surfaces such as marble, tiles or hardwood floors.


  • Can move in 4 directions
  • With integrated pad holder and dust ring


  • All types of natural stone flooring surfaces such as granite, marble or terra cotta
  • Can be used for vinyl corridors
  • Make your office or hotel flooring sparkling and shiny!

How It Works


Floor burnishers can be powered either by electricity, batteries or fuel while its high speed operation ensures that the floor will have a high gloss shine once the cleaning has been completed, also known as the wet look. This image of cleanliness is important to maintain and burnishers can be used in supermarkets, hotels, and other types of commercial buildings.

These floor machines use a solution to clean the floor; as the pad rotates, this quickly cleans any dirt or other stains on the surface while giving it a shine that is hard to beat! It is also safer than regular polishers as burnishers does not leave your floor slippery despite the usage of cleaning solution, reducing the chances of customers or personnel slipping and sustaining injuries on your premises.

Surfing over floors, the ultra-high speed floor burnisher is able to move both forwards and backwards and comes with an integrated pad holder and a dust ring. It can also be modified with additional equipment, allowing it to also polish or spray clean other types of floor surfaces if need be. Floor burnishers are also designed ergonomically to ensure easy handling and usage, without causing any fatigue to the operator. Both hand held and ride-on models are available, and the type you require depends on the size of your business.

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