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Floor Scrubber & Polisher

Whether you require basic cleaning or heavy maintenance such as spray cleaning, scrubbing or stripping of hard flooring, we have a comprehensive range of floor scrubbers and floor polishers for you to choose from. Scrubbing machines come in all sizes depending on your requirements, and there is also a wide variety of add-ons and accessories available to customise your floor scrubber or floor polisher to work exactly the way you need it to.



Both floor polishers and floor scrubbers are efficient and cost effective, and much more hygienic than traditional cleaning methods. This is because the automated system can be set up to use soaps or detergent, as well as reducing the amount of dirty water produced when cleaning. Some of our scrubbing machines are even able to scrub floors clean without using water at all!

For heavy duty cleaning, we recommend the professional range that is suitable for most types of floors. Constructed using solid aluminium, this results in a sturdy scrubbing machine that is built to last, and is extremely durable and reliable.

We also have a range of floor polishers that are specially designed to enable cleaning and maintenance of parquet, linoleum or stone floors. If you are unsure of which model is suitable for you, do feel free to contact us or speak to one of our representatives.

Scrubbers – 120 - 200 rpm - Manual – Auto – Ride On


Our range of floor scrubbers can clean and maintain all types of floors and surfaces, and are generally used to clean large areas that cannot be covered by hand. Scrubbing machines are typically equipped with a belt drive; this helps to operate the scrubber quietly and efficiently and ensures that cleaning and maintenance can be performed without being a hindrance or distraction to your personnel.

Scrubber machines are built to be well-balanced and are user friendly due to its ease of usage, allowing for fuss free cleaning. All models are also ergonomically designed to be operated without causing fatigue, and range from 120-200 RPM.

Polishers – 200 - 450 rpm – manual single disc


Our high-speed floor polishing machines range from 200-450 RPM and are able to clean quietly, causing no disruption. Effective and efficient, it can be used to clean all types of hard or wooden floors, putting the sparkle back into the surface. The floor polisher uses cleaning emulsion and a super pad for high-gloss polishing, while the floor polishing machine can also be used for spray cleaning as well.


  • Light and heavy duty options
  • Very wide range of scrubbers and polishers
  • Belt driven technology
  • Can add weight up to 70 kg
  • Easy handling
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Traction motor
  • 4 wheels ride-on for safety and stability
  • Auto dosing system for water and chemicals


  • For scrubbing and polishing of medium and large commercial or industrial areas
  • E.g. hotel lobby, factories and warehouses
  • Can be used for crystallisation of natural stone
  • Can be used for bonnet cleaning or hard floors such as marble and tiles
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