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Fume Extractor

Similar to dust collectors, fume collectors specifically target welding fume particles and act as an air purifier of sorts. Fume collectors are generally used in a working environment to improve the standard of air within the area, removing harmful fumes. This makes the air safer to breathe, as well as improving the wellbeing of your employees which should result in a higher rate of production.


  • Stops the spreading of fumes, smoke, and airborne pollutants at the source
  • High level filtration
  • Safe environment for staff
  • Self-cleaning
  • Filter pressure gauge
  • Choice of portable , wall mounted or central system
  • Tool free maintain ace
  • Flexible extraction arm


  • Welding school
  • Metal production (welding)

How It Works


The electrostatic precipitator technology helps to ensure efficiency that cannot be matched, and its effectiveness in collecting coolant mist and oil smoke results in long-term savings on costs. Fume collector systems are built for heavy duty industrial air cleaning, and helps to remove mist, smoke and dust from the air – these may be produced as a result of various processes within the building.

Such equipment can be used in industrial spaces that are heavily focused on production and manufacturing, capturing the hazardous fumes that can pose a danger to health. Factories often produce large amounts of fumes, and these need to be removed from the air to ensure the safety of personnel and the integrity of your product. Examples of industries that can benefit from fume collector systems include metal works and welding schools. Fume collector systems are also easy to maintain. Only the collection surface needs to be cleaned but it is reusable and is long lasting.

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