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High Pressure Cleaner

Most industries are in need of high pressure cleaners due to the amount of dirt and grime produced. We carry a comprehensive range of efficient and high pressure cleaners, high pressure water jets, pressure washers and accessories for both commercial and industrial sectors.

We also carry a wide range of accessories and add-on equipment to customise your high pressure cleaner, high pressure water jet, or pressure washer to suit your requirements. Various nozzles, hoses, blasters, pumps, water-sandblasting systems and many more are available.

Recommended industries

  • Building industry
  • Concrete and monument restorations
  • Transport or railroad industry
  • Vehicle repair shops, plumbing and gas stations
  • Food, chemical and machine industries
  • Municipalities, hospitals and public swimming pools
  • Painting and façade cleaning industries
  • Industrial, building, and façade cleaning contractors
  • Shipyards and harbours

Product features

  • Cold water high pressure cleaners (washer)
  • Hot water high pressure cleaners (washer) – temperature from 90-140 degrees Celcius
  • Cold water / hot water high pressure cleaners that use gasoline or diesel (electric and combustion engine drive)
  • Cold and hot water fixed installations
  • Hot water high pressure cleaning trailers
  • Manual, mobile or stationary high pressure cleaners
  • 190-2000 bar


  • Tube or drain cleaning
  • TIR internal tank cleaner -automatic cleaning of barrels, tanks and containers -various models available
  • Heavy machinery cleaning
  • Concrete layer removal
  • Sand blasting
  • Paint removal
  • Underground drains -sludge pump transports sludge away rapidly
  • Floor cleaner using water system to be attached with high pressure cleaner for Cleaning in food and beverage industries, hotels and restaurants
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