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Floor sweepers are similar to scrubbers but are generally used to clean up and collect debris which is not stuck on the floor, such as dirt, sand, paper and more. By using a sweeping machine, the cleaning process is much quicker and more efficient than sweeping by hand. Large floor areas can be cleaned thoroughly, with waste tanks varying in size to suit all needs.

All machines meet international quality standards and requirements, combining high quality materials with expert manufacturing to produce an efficient cleaning solution.


  • Heavy duty
  • For fast cleaning or large areas
  • For fast cleaning or large areas


  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Car parks

How It Works


The more compact models of manual sweepers are suitable for small to medium-sized surfaces in your home or business, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The main and side brooms are adjustable, while machines are built robustly to ensure durability and long life.

The compact, battery-operated models are designed for efficient floor cleaning which does not leave dust behind. These are effortless to operate and handle very easily due to its manoeuvrability. Edges, corners and even low overhangs can be cleaned without hassle due to the side brush on these models, which are also adjustable.

Ride-on sweepers are constructed with sturdiness in mind, and is suitable for usage in medium to large sized areas, especially indoors. These models are often suited to commercial buildings, and are simple, yet sophisticated sweeper. It is built to be small enough to be able to fit inside elevators, while it can also be manoeuvred easily to reach and clean tight corners in rooms. It also has a large filter which ensures a high rate of productivity, while a climbing rate of 20% is also a key feature that ensures a perfect sweeping machine.

We carry a range of manual, battery-operated, push-behind and ride-on sweepers depending on the scale of cleaning that is required. Accessories and other add-ons are also available, with each customising the sweeping machine’s function for a specific purpose.

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